Best Wishes- Happy 30th Birthday, Jon (JDS) Siemko

After much deliberation, and yes, quite a few self talks, I decided to forego my normal lengthy Happy wishes, for my firstborn, and provide you with just the facts! Well, as I see them, after all I was the one who conceived this little guy, with just a wee bit of what I recall, MUCHContinue reading “Best Wishes- Happy 30th Birthday, Jon (JDS) Siemko”

Health Questions and Answers

  As cited in a recent article of the “Business Insider”, Health Issues have always been a topic of discussion.  In view of the fact that SPRING is days away, I felt it was timely to review the results of the ongoing 20 Definitive answers to questions being debated regularly by Health Professionals and IndividualsContinue reading “Health Questions and Answers”