My Personal Admiration and need to meet with Bethenny Frankel……

  I totally Admire your Love and #forthrightness in all situations Bethenny Frankel! And one of my #Dreamwishes is to take flight and meet YOU BEFORE I get dealt the #deathcard with so many harshful blows to my young (59+ Life) (chronic pain survivor, FibroWarrior, migraineur and many many unseen disabilities wearing me down daily)  Continue reading “My Personal Admiration and need to meet with Bethenny Frankel……”

In Memory Of Lost Angels Through Baby Loss

This week we remember babies born asleep, or whom we have carried but never met, those we have held but could not take home, the ones who made it home but didn’t stay. Make this your profile status if you or someone you know has suffered the loss of a baby. The majority of youContinue reading “In Memory Of Lost Angels Through Baby Loss”

Humour #BrettWilsonWay

I recently read this item on my FB wall from my buddy, Brett Wilson , and had to share!  He is backing a new product for the men in your life while YOU are pregnant. It’s called #MalePregnancyJeans !  Fits just right for their slightly pouchy or paunchy buddies. Just try them you will likeContinue reading “Humour #BrettWilsonWay”

Warm Wishes – In Loving Memory of Bernice Irene Siemko

Our precious Mom, words cannot describe how very much you meant to us; your gentle touch and smiling face, the loving way you looked at us, your love of life – the little things, that made you love us, despite your pain, your words of great encouragement that always gave us confidence over and andContinue reading “Warm Wishes – In Loving Memory of Bernice Irene Siemko”

Birthday Wishes – Olivia Hinchliffe March 19, 2015

I would like to wish my Beautiful, Talented, and wonderful niece, Olivia Margaret Hinchliffe, Happy Birthday.Olivia is a Brilliant Artist,Teacher in the making at Brock Univeristy,and I must say possesses her Mothers #FUNLOVING traits!  My wish for you is, NO MORE SNOW, Happiness that will last forever, Sunshine, Continued success in your all of yourContinue reading “Birthday Wishes – Olivia Hinchliffe March 19, 2015”