About Gail V. Siemko

Entered RBC in the Branch Administration Officer Trainee Program on August 12,1974. Assigned to my first B.A.O. Position in Brantford, On, and promoted every 9 months thereafter until 1978-

1980, accepted my first promotion in Head Office, RBC, Inspection. My People Skills, etc. enabled me to secure a promotion in Human Resources, Head Office, which l thoroughly enjoyed until my first MAT-leave1984. Upon return from which, secured a management position in Oakville, On. -1987-MAT-leave -1990, returning job-share management position, Customer Service and

Branch lending capacity -throughout Halton area, 2005, contract positions as I enjoyed my position with the RBC for the past 35 years and the feeling was always mutual. I received above average assessments and was always curious to learn new material, take on additional tasks and was capable in my positions of administration. CUSTOMER SERVICE was and has always been a KEY

SKILL to me, it is very important that every one knows what is expected of them and to be able to COMMUNICATE this CLEARLY AND CONCISELY. Resulting in NO CONFUSION, Just SOLUTIONS!


One thought on “About Gail V. Siemko

  1. Great start to a long relationship with you and all followers from, @gailsiemko.com (now @gailsiemko.ca) and both Twitter @gailsiemko Instagram @JustAGail💜


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