Warm Wishes – In Loving Memory of Bernice Irene Siemko

Our precious Mom, words cannot describe how very much you meant to us; your gentle touch and smiling face, the loving way you looked at us, your love of life – the little things, that made you love us, despite your pain, your words of great encouragement that always gave us confidence over and and over again, the love you shared with everyone that we know is sent from God above. 
And so we are very blessed, as we each have a portion of that love, coursing through our veins!  As I walk through my home, I can still feel your presence, yet I find it comforting in knowing that you are no longer in pain.  I remember being your constant companion and caregiver, at times during those 15 years, There were days, I wanted to pick you up like one of my own children, tuck you in bed, and sing a song until you fell asleep!  Then there were the days that you ran away from, tired from how you felt like  


 being treated like a child, instead as a fully grown woman of 4 feet 10″ high, and 92 pounds.  We laughed and cried together, and you confided in me about all the difficult and painful years of being a single Mom of five boisterous children, all born within five years of each other. However, you were strong, had lots of energy, resilient, fiercely independent and most importanly devoted to your children!  I miss you Mom, I miss the talks, I miss, the walks, not the Doctors, mind you, but in the end, all your three girls, Myself, Carole and Dolores, were with you when you took your last breath, at 4:45pm, March 25, 2009; Joseph Brant Memorial Hospital.  And we have treasured that moment and become  much richer for it!  Say hello to your new friends that have arrived in Heaven, My Dad, Don Pearce, and Dolores Dummigan.
Oh, by the way, I am still taking very good care of your green plant that was given to us the day you passed, and each year at this time, three pink blooms appear, one for of your daughters .  This year, six additional , maybe for an additional family member?
We are all still thinking about you and missing you daily, and I know you were very happy to see all your children and grandchildren, together at Christmas, except for the youngest, maybe next year, we just need your help in finding him!

Love. Gail&Dennis Jon, Addison,Len, Carole &Olivia,  Lucas&Rhea, Elizabeth, Ian, Amanda&Jeff, Ravyn, Damien, Hunter,and this year sad to say that there is One More in Heaven this Year with you….Neil :(. 

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