In Memoriam of Donald E. Pearce,   December 16,1926-March 27,2014

Its been a year today that my beloved Dad passed away, and I don’t feel any less pain today, then when  I received    the life changing telephone call from my Stepmother, Marjorie.  I knew that Dad had not been well, as I had been in regular contact with them both, and enjoyed a very close relationship with them.  I would run into Hamilton whenever I could, but it just didn’t seem as frequently as I would like.  I have always been extremely busy with my own life, being the primary caregiver to his grandson, and my own precarious health issues during the past six years have kept me extremely busy non stop!

I always looked forward to seeing my Dad though, as I was his little girl, and as Mom and Marjorie confirmed, I could do no wrong in his eyes.  I never really knew it, until the day, he finally had to let me down  gently by telling me he could not marry me, as he was already married to my Mother.  Even though I was a mature eight year old at the time, I was overwhelmed and totally disheartened that my very own prince charming, Donald Ernest PEARCE or Dad had turned me down for another woman , my Mother.  I distinctly remember sitting in his lap on Grace Avenue in Hamilton with crocodile tears  rolling down my face and he explained it very easily, “My dearest Gail I love you so much as my daughter and I’ve waited so long for you to come along and  be my daughter, besides which I already have a wife why would I want two?  If I were to marry you I would have two wives, no daughter, so there you cannot be my wife and as I said before I love you as my daughter very much!”

To which I replied okay Daddy,  but how much do you love me,”I love you around the world and through the skies around the earth 1 million times and back again and that’s a lot!”  At that point we hugged and kissed my forehead, and I went outside to find my best friend Elaine Jacob to tell her that I have to start looking for a husband because my Dad wouldn’t marry me.  Elaine fully understood because she was also the apple of her father’s eye, and we commenced the search for the perfect husbands.

Another thing I miss about my Dad as I’m remembering him on this day, is the fact that we would get together regularly for his Birthday   ,Father’s Day, Mother’s Day ,special occasions and share a meal at an all you can eat Buffet.  Dad always saved his huge appetite for the meal and we used to kid him about this, asking if he had a wooden leg where he could put extra food to carry him through for the next week?  Honestly he would go up 3,to 5, times, us helping him when he was older and using his cane.   Sometimes he would ask me to wrap some food or dessert up and put in my purse, so Mom wouldn’t see it!

My Father was a very loving, kind, man, with big piercing blue eyes, and always showed me his affectionate side; but there were times, when he would become stubborn and apparently that is a “Pearce” trait, or as I like to call it the fear of getting older, “And I can do it myself gene”.  He was dedicated to his wife Marj, and very proud  of his children and grandchildren , and always look forward to seeing them when he visited.  I know that Dad is no longer in pain, and is playing with his precious kitties and dogs and good friends that have passed on before and after him……he is one of my BRIGHTEST SHINING STARS!
I love you around the Moon and through the Skies, around the earth a trillion times…..and, THATS A LOT.

With Much Love, Gail,Dennis , Jon,Addison, Marjorie, Glenn&Tina, Jeff &Kym,Tim

One thought on “In Memoriam of Donald E. Pearce,   December 16,1926-March 27,2014

  1. Just beautiful Aunt Gail. I had the date marked on my calender and had a little silence as I thought of your Dad. How lucky you were to have had him as your Dad. It’s so hard when the ones we love soooo much and made all the difference in our lives, are gone. A huge void is left and a million memories that you wish you could re-live again and again and freeze time. xoxoxox


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