Best Wishes- Happy 30th Birthday, Jon (JDS) Siemko

After much deliberation, and yes, quite a few self talks, I decided to forego my normal lengthy Happy wishes, for my firstborn, and provide you with just the facts! Well, as I see them, after all I was the one who conceived this little guy, with just a wee bit of what I recall, MUCH enthusiasm on his Fathers Part! Then carried him in earnest, for 33 1/2 weeks gestation, with MUCH sincerity and followed every recommendation by every medical practitioner assigned to my “Special Case”! To ensure my firstborn was fully developed and healthy and NOT born prematurely, I did everything, possible! No Drinking, no smoking within my vicinity, eat all the healthy food I could possibly get my hands on at Alternatives Health Food store; practice yoga, meditation, limit stress, you see I had been through this before, and it wasn’t a good outcome!
Jonathan Devin Siemko was born was July 28, 1984 at 16:49pm, however, it began at midnight madness when this heavily pregnant Mommy was checking the downtown of Oakville, Friday night. I was too pooped to walk anymore, and asked my hubby to fetch the car, when upon returning home, went directly to bed.

Woke up at 2:15 a.m thinking I had done something unthinkable, and went to the bathroom my waters had broken….. kicked my hubby, wake up you lug, call the doctor! He jumped out of bed, and was just as concerned as I was, since this baby was far too early, and we had been there before !

Off to the hospital when on the hottest day of July 1984, after sixteen hours of labour WITHOUT ANY anaesthetic, due to the prematurity of baby’s lungs, I gave birth to a huge, 6lb, 3oz. 21″ baby boy! At first, there wasn’t any sound, then a wail let out……then, off to Sick Children’s Hospital by ambulance for a month. My baby boy, was in ICU, head shaved for the I.V. In his scalp, naked except for black sunglasses for the Jaundice…..shook me down to the core! After our tour at Sick Kids, Jonathan was transferred back to our local hospital, weighing in at a fighting weight of 5 lbs. ; I had difficulty finding diapers that would fit his little bottom. When I did, he officially came home, at 5lbs. 3oz. , the blue baby picture shows how cute he is! We all survived, BARELY, and went on to provide him with a brother, who has become his best-friend, Addison; also born 7 weeks prematurely. But that is another story for another day.

My wish for you Jon- Athan, is Happiness, Love, Friendships that last a lifetime, remain curious, stay thinking and Observant, enjoy your new devices that will allow you to grow and become stronger in the multi media world, sweet treats from all of your family and friends, texts, and phone calls from those that you love, continued Better Health, Love and healing white Light forever! I love you around the Moon, and through the skies, around the Earth, a million times, and……..That’s A Lot!!! Mom oxo

Just G

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