Warm Wishes – Donald E. Pearce, In Memory of Dad who passed March 27,2014

Although it’s been two years since my Father has left me pyschically, my memories of him will never leave me.  He was a very loving man with many characteristics that I believe he has passed on to me; and a result of these positive impressions I have passed on to my sons.  My Father woke early and ensured we all followed suit, if we didn’t right away, out came the pots and pans banging loudly, “It’s time to get up, it’s time to get up, it’s time to get up in the morning!”  If that didn’t immediately get a response, a squirt of cold water on the head in bed……well you get the picture, that did get us all up and Adam!  
I was the youngest in my family, just like my Father is in his, and we shared many similar qualities…..besides the Blue Eyes, Blond hair, we are always Optimistic, Positivive outlook on life, Inspired by others who have done well for themselves in spite of their circumstances, laughter is essential (He would always write the Joke of the Day on each of our Special Occasions Cards…..usually not very funny haha) love is one thing that is extremely important in a relationship (Never go to bed angry) and always hug and kiss your family when you say good-bye.  This is one that I have taken one step further, I always kiss my family goodbye and say “See you later, I love you MORE”!  

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