Epilepsy and the Waiting……

Stay calm and firm with the Medical community! I’ve been doing this for over 28 years, and have found the best medicine for my son is for me to remain calm at the time of each seizure. I know Chrystal, that it sounds very easy for me to say this, it’s not . I have two boys, one who has the epilepsy is going to be 30 next month and another without any disabilities or profound medical conditions is 27 and has watched his brother his entire life, enduring all of these frightening seizures. I am very calm at the time, and after everyone is stabilized, grab a shower and meltdown! I never had help from parents or family, just my hubby when available. It’s extremely difficult, but you must be your sons BEST ADVOCATE, no one else IS OR WILL DO IT! Good Luck, This too shall Pass. 🙂 Just G

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