Warm Wishes……Happy Mother’s Day …..Bernice Irene Siemko

Happy Mother’s Day Mom, it’s been five years since I’ve said those words to you it seems like yesterday since you were in my home for Mothers Day, with the grandchildren.

I miss so many things about you, but the relationship between modern daughters especially grown-up daughters-and their mothers never ceases to fascinate me. Especially the relationship you and I had since you were my mother in law, however I called you Mom from the age of 14 when I first met you in the East End of Hamilton where I grew up and dated your eldest son Dennis. Our relationship grew slowly at first, yet once you became familiarized with me and my ways we adopted the mother and daughter relationship.

It is warm and close and loving. It is also frank, terse and ruthless. It ranges over every conceivable topic from their utmost dreams to their in most dreads, and from the strength of their sauces to the color of their handbags. Mothers and daughters, in my experience, no longer have secrets from each other worth talking about. All is grist to the never ending mill and day to day activities.

I love you Mom or Babcia, still miss you every day but carry you in my heart!

All my Love,

Your Daughter in law



Just -g




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