Happy Mother’s Day Dorothy Pearl Candler Pearce, #Mom

She tried in every way to understand me, and she succeeded. What can I say, other than, it was this deep, loving understanding as long as she lived that more than anything else helped and sustained me on my way to success as a girl,teenager, woman and finally a Mother!

It’s too bad that my Mom never met her Beautiful, Intelligent, Spirited, Fun-loving grandsons, Jonathan, who will be 30 years this July, or his best friend, Addison, who is 27 years young! I do know for a fact, that my Mom, would have loved them, and encouraged them, and kissed their chubby cheeks, just as much as I did. Perhaps, when I was growing up my Mom, did this with me, and I noticed recently, in this photograph, I have her HANDS……but not the insatiable desire to smoke, which I am truly thankful for as it took her life far too soon and her away from me, at age fifty-five.

I still love you around the world, and through the sky, around the moon, a million times, and that’s ALOT!

Your ever-loving daughter,




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