Happy 31st Birthday Jonathan Devin Siemko

Even though it’s been only a year since I sat down to write a few words of Best Wishes for my First Born, so much had transpired since last July!  There were good things and non events, but mostly challenges on both of my sons behalf and mine.   I remember when Jonathan was a little boy, waiting for special occasions impatiently like any other small person, asking the same few questions repeatedly. Is he here yet? It it time yet? Can we go now? With his little brother racing right up behind him looking up to me with the same big blue eyes, well Mommy can we can?

Those days are not far behind us, and as we are all leisurely preparing to go out, for the Birthday Boy’s Dinner at his favourite Italian restaurant Pasquale’s here in Oakville, the same excitement was in the air. Especially knowing that Jonathan’s best friend Ryan Martin From primary school was attending with us!

In our family I have always carried the tradition down, that Birthdays ARE Meant to be CELEBRATED, as you never know when the last one may be. My Mom and Dad had streamers and balloons decorated throughout the house before I woke on the morning of my Birthday. The entire family would waken you to a loud HAPPY BIRTHDAY SONG and if you were really lucky you could open your one gift before school!

In the Siemko residence, we always had streamers and balloons and the Birthday Song, but always you were allowed one gift before school and your card. The card is the most important part, as that is where the words of feelings and love come from? Perhaps that why I’ve kept all of his cards over the past Three decades for my sons Jonathan and Addison, so they may go back and remember how exciting certain occasions can be whether everyone is in attendance physically, emotionally, or spiritually?

We still celebrate even though things happen in our lives good or bad , because we can!

I am so PROUD to call you my son, Jonathan Devin Siemko, and want you to know that in life there are hills and valleys, but you must always still WALK THE WALK!!

With much Love and Affection, Mom


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