Warm Wishes-Father’s Day

In my entire life, there have only been a handful of men I have personally known, that meet the minimum requirements of “Father”! I am very pleased to say that my own Father, Donald E. Pearce is the first one, my Grandfather Candler who died at my age six, and my hubby, Dennis Siemko!

In my mind, a Father, is there for all of your milestones,when you are born, start school, ride your first bike, fall off the said bike, get your first pet, claps and whistles the loudest when you run all bases in baseball, takes you to the movies,etc. A Father is there when you graduate middle school, and takes all the boys, out for pizza and root Beers!  A Father, tucks a few extra dollars into your wallet, and says “don’t tell your Mom, it’s just because, shh”, a Father makes you laugh when you get your first rejection from a date, and says, “they don’t know what they are missing”!  A Father drives you to get your first license and usually pays the freight,but makes you pay the insurance……a good Father teaches while he loves you, encouraging you to keep going one step further!  My Dad did all of these things and more,  I miss him so much I ache, but I can see him in my sons, who were made jointly in love, with another man, I know and grew to love.

He became a Father 30 years ago, Dennis Siemko, and shares all of the traits that my Father did, he was at every first, because he wanted to,starting with the premature birth of his firstborn son, Jonathan, then after that, he joyously welcomed another preemie baby, Addison, who had colic for Six months 24/7, he was their for that,  he was their baseball coaches, and drove his sons all over to each event, whistling and clapping, just like my Father did For me.  Dennis drove his little family every Sunday on family days. We would point the car, pack up the boys and their Grandmother and drive for six hours and turnaround!  This good Father learned how to cook, to provide for his growing boys, since I was working, he found that he thoroughly enjoyed cooking and has become a Chef!   






 He ensured the boys had basketball lessons, baseball, even sledge hockey, which wasn’t a hit, oh well, he watched them progress exceptionally well, on to University and kept assisting them in any way possible, this good Father was there for each of their graduations from university with Honours, clapping and whistling loudly, just like my Father did years before me!
I would like to extend my greetings of admiration for being a Great Fathers, Don Pearce, and Dennis Siemko!
Your Beloved Daughter,and Wife, Gail Valerie Pearce Siemko

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